Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hey...I just left the grocery store, and i could not believe the number of way-overweight people i saw.
I just noticed a very, very, very large woman sitting in one of the motorized carts. I thought the carts were for handicapped patrons. Overweightedness is not a handicap, it is simply not. The opportunity was ripe for a walk through the isles of the store; the temperature was refreshing too. I bet you she was being lazy.
The items in most people's carts were poor selections. Typically seen were overprocessed breads, sodas, can foods, packaged meats, etc. I sense people are passionate about eating, but not a healthful lifestyle.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

it has been a while since my last post.....i have not been consistent in my undertaking of a blog. Please forgive!....Now, back to
Why are we frowning on our bodies....why the let down.....why the disregard.....why the lack of attention, what game are we playing?

Sunday, August 2, 2009

fat people don't need a stimulus package, they'll just eat it

I was eating last night, at a diner in NY off route 287. In comes three women of color. Seemingly reasonable minded.Two were large or big boned and the other was natural sized. The young large one you might say was super overweight. The other large one stood to loose some pounds as well. The third, non-obese one, had ordered a salad for starters-i was impressed, because i had the identical one myself; and the other two were eating in an assumed manner. "Oh, french fries are not a vegetable? How about this catsup? Tee he heee...The young obese woman disturbingly ate, with food in both hands. She also ordered a side of mayo to spread across her already pre-condimented sandwich bread. She made me giggle, as she ordered the proverbial "diet soda." What's up with that?
I can not imagine the U.S. president sitting down with her to explain increased healthcare expenses, because she would not understand her roll in all of this.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Make rubberized resistance bands your exercise tool.
They are inexpensive, convenient, and effective.
Especially good for non-exercisers, as well as athletes.
They are easy to use
and you can do workouts almost anywhere.
Other advantages are:
the band is very effective for bone health as a weight-bearing exercise
the band is uniquely effective in building core strength and balance
the band helps alleviate "old" tension patterns because it serves to elongate muscle
You may use these cords at home for whatever circumstance that may present a time-constraint in your daily schedule.

Hey, you're just making excuses! Adjust your attitude!
"I'm too busy,...too tired,....too bored,....not enough time."
None of them are valid reasons.
Personally, I had to stop making excuses and start taking care of myself.
TIME is the easiest cop-out for not exercising.
Also, I use to think of working-out as a chore. Now,
I look at it as a way to increase energy and relieve stress.
You know, find a workout buddy or an exercise class.
Being leaner, healthier, and sexier is something that you can't achieve overnight.
I've made a living out of working hard.
The Surgeon General's Report on Physical Activity and Health says that more than 60% of American adults are not regularly active, and 25% aren't active at all.
Start with three days per week of being active, and your body will thank you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


How important is stretching? As we age, our muscles become increasingly inelastic. Stretching helps remove tightness from your muscles. Stretching transports oxygen to sore muscles and quickly removes toxin from muscles. A flexible body is more efficient, less prone to injury, stays balanced, and feels better. "And best of all? It doesn't cost a thing."